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Company Profile:

Flight link Limited, scheduled and personalized air Charter Company owned and operated by Capt Munawer Dhirani, a Tanzanian and an American Graduate Commercial Pilot.
Operating and Dispatch Base is located at the Terminal 1, (Tourist Terminal) at MW JK Nyerere International Airport, Dar Es Salaam and in Zanzibar its handled b Gallery Tours and Safaris.
Flightlink Air Charter Company is based on complimenting government's efforts in promoting trade and tourism; provide faster and safer means of transportation given the vast area within East and Southern Africa.
Safety and on time performance are of our paramount importance. As one of the most upcoming scheduled/personalized air charter company in Tanzania, Flight link aspires to reach new height of service delivery and customer satisfaction.
Fleet of various types of aircraft suited to ones needs and budget either for International flights, Regional hops or Bush Landings with Single, Twin or Turbo prop Engine aircraft. The Type & Capacity of aircraft we operate; seat between 5 and13 people depending on the nature and destination of the flight.
Pilots are young and enthusiastic. They enjoy in what they do, Bush Flying! Each one of them undergoes route and base check routinely where a wide variety of conditions are simulated for training. Most of them are from FAA and JAA/JAR regulated countries where they acquired their initial & Advance professional pilot training.
We fly to the most remote destinations in the SELOUS, RUAHA, SERENGETI, KATAVI & MAHALE game reserves to facilitate logistics to the game hunting & Photography expeditors using our rugged Single and Twin Engine Fixed gear aircrafts (Cessna U206/208B & Britten Norman Islander) that are certified for Bush Landings!

Flying Safaris
Flying Safaris in Tanzania is unique; see the wildlife from the air and upon landing - animals, birds, reptiles and insects living in harmony in their natural habitats. Overnight in luxury safari lodgings and sightsee world-renowned features whilst interfacing with the peoples of Africa; experience our rich cultural heritage, the "Cradle of Mankind" and amazing scenery!
Flight link flies to the most remote destinations in the Selous and Ruaha game reserves from its Dar es Salaam base while our Arusha base caters for Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara national park & game reserve flights and from Zanzibar it connects Pemba, Dar and Arusha.
Selous game reserve is Africa's largest wild life reserve while Serengeti is the Tanzania's largest National park. Most of these reserves and parks are accessible with light aircrafts - Cessna's and Britten Norman Islander aircrafts (fixed gear) that we own and operate!
Flight link also flies to All the Photographic Camps in the SELOUS and further to ZANZIBAR on SCHEDULED AIR CHARTER BASIS. You may book your seats or get further information on our reservation page.

Flightlink have a fleet of 4 aircrafts of various types and seating capacity. Single, Twin or Turbo prop Engine aircraft. The Type & Capacity of aircraft we operate; seat between 5 and13 people depending on the nature and destination of the flight.

All  Aircrafts are maintained at regional airline to airline standards to ensure passengers enjoy consistent smooth and safe flights.  Since safety is our obsession we spend more on maintenance than many air charter companies around the region. From Pilot training to maintenance to operations, we never rest and we don’t compromise either. No matter what it takes your safety comes first.

All our aircrafts are fully insured for Hull, Third party liability, Death, Personal Injuries and Loss of Baggage.

Types of Aircrafts

  • Flightlink PlanesCESSNA U206 with CARGO POD
  • The legend in General Aviation, it is about Ruggedness and Trusted reliability. Go any where do anything! Five seat passenger capacity powered by Single Continental Piston Engine at 260BHP, 2700RPM, Cruising at 120 Knots at maximum range of 4.2 flight hours.  (Aircraft Registration 5H-LAI and 5H-TCC) – 2 aircrafts in fleet.

  • Flightlink ImagesBRITTEN NORMAN ISLANDER BN2B-20
  • Ten seats, twin engines and a design driven by the requirement for ease of operation provide exceptional levels of utilization. Constant refinement ensures that the Islander continues to excel in modern-day roles including environmental protection, transportation, air ambulance, fisheries protection, photo surveying, policing and parachuting to name but a few. Twin High wing 300BHP Piston Engine, 2700RPM and Cruising at 120Knots at Maximum range of 7.0 Flight Hours Long Range with Tip Tanks (Aircraft Registration 5H-JON) – 1 aircraft in Fleet


  • Flightlink ImagesCESSNA GRAND CARAVAN 208B 
  • » Single engine Turbine cruizing at 160 knots. 
  • » 1 crew and 13 passenger seats. 

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PO BOX 3181, MBWENI, ZANZIBAR OFFICE: +255 24 2232088 FAX: +255 24 2236583
HOTLINE: +255 774 305 165, +255 777 853 824

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